The Energy Conservation Architecture Design Strategy On Taiyuan South Railway Station.

Taiyuannan Railway Station, consisting of 10 sets of trains and 22 railway lines and covering an area of structure of 183,952m2, is one of the principal junction stations along the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated Railway Line and the modernized and large-scale transportation junction integrating the functions of railway, urban rail and traffic transfer, which could gather 4000 passengers at most.

Perfectly unifying building space, technology and material, the station building is designed by the utmost advanced technologies representing regional features, to forge the complex of high quality and long service life. Inside the building, the modes of over-entering and down-out, passing-type and waiting type are blended into urban planning; besides, its central position is highlighted, realizing the extending of urban textures by large-spaced and modernized transportation building and creating the boutique in “innovative Shanxi” building. New material and new technology are applied, to embody such sustainable development concepts as ecology, greening and environmental protection.

Structural unit

The main station building is of advanced structure as a whole, where the urban texture of “Shanxi character with Tang style” and the sustainable development concepts are cleverly integrated and is a large-spaced transportation building with typical structure that is rare in China.

The size of single structure is as large as 42×36m, covering an area of about 1,500m2, which, under the premise of satisfying building modeling and interior space demands, could ensure the effects of being “practical, economic and aesthetic”. Meanwhile, each unit is equipped with the functions of natural ventilation, natural lighting and natural exhausting at the time of fire. With standard parts being selected for installation on site, the construction is convenient and fast.

Expression of regional culture

The most complete wooden structure inherited from the Tang Dynasty is largely concentrated in Shanxi, where the most brilliant and glorious chapter in the history of Chinese wooden building culture – the “Tang Style” is completely preserved. Steel structure is used for the roof of the main station building, which has absorbed the image of bracket sets and overhanging eaves for palaces in Tang Dynasty, thus expressing the beauty of forms of traditional buildings by modern structures, so that people could feel the glory and elegance of traditional Chinese space.

The ancient-style double-layer black brick curtain on the main façade of the station building manages to evoke the architectural details of Shanxi traditional residences, amiable and natural, embodying the charm and beauty of Shanxi. Unique double-layer curtain structure deftly addresses such problems as heat insulation, lighting and sunshade of the building while ensuring the decorous feeling of the wall. Meanwhile, scattered and interlocking glass and stone combined wall renders incredible and splendid lighting effect for station hall, waiting hall and lounge hall.

Ecological strategy

Passive energy-saving measures and active ecological technology combined in the design effectively reduces energy consumption of the building, comprehensively improving the demonstration effect of ecological and environmental protection of the station.

Shading system of the building-reasonable and excellent length of the main station building designed based on computer simulated data not only ensures the shading effect of the building in scorching summer but also guarantees direct sunlight in the building in cold winter, thus neutralizing the adverse conditions of westward main façade of the station building.

Natural lighting-in combination of the layout of the structural unit, the X-shaped translucent high-strength Makrolon skylight filters the direct sunlight to be even and soft indoor light, hence greatly decreasing indoor lighting energy consumption by daylight.

Energy-saving space enclosing structure-the external space enclosing structure of Taiyuannan Railway Station employs novel double-layer hollow glass and stone combined curtain.6+12A+6 tempered LOW-E hollow glass and stone combined curtain, 600mm air space between two layers of curtains and unique curtain system greatly enhances the thermal inertia of the architectural surface and ensures stable indoor temperature, favorable for reduction of energy consumption of the station in Taiyuan in cold winter.

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