I changed for these oven baked crab rangoon though, was the method of cooking it. Instead of frying it I decided to bake them and it’s only for good reasons. They are just so delicious and if I had fried them, I would probably had only 1 or 2 to keep on the side but when they are baked? Of course I’m going to have so many of them!

I almost made these oven baked crab rangoon in the traditional form but feel free to just fold them and shape a triangle. They will still taste just as good!

These Oven Baked Crab Rangoons have all the rich decency of a seared crab rangoon, however with less calories because of stove preparing. They are made with cream cheddar, impersonation crab meat and other simple to discover fixings.

With regards to takeout suppers, I frequently wind up requesting Chinese nourishment. I love the singed shrimp, meat and broccoli, chicken strips, and crab rangoons.

Since crab rangoons are one of my preferred things to arrange, I figured it is cool to make my own stove prepared crab rangoons at home.

Customarily, crab rangoons or wontons are singed, however I am frightened to sear anything so I prepare them! Once when I was more youthful, I made my own fish sticks and french fries, and a fire got some oil, and shot up. It nearly hit the bureau and it scared me, so I never seared something else!

I surmise that unnerving minute, and the way that I endure an extraordinary house fire go hand and hand?

Fortunately, I am not hesitant to stove fry, or “counterfeit fry”. That is actually what I did with these crab rangoons. Including some brushed oil assists with crisping them up and give them that singed taste.

The outside of the rangoons are the perfect measure of fresh while within was melty, velvety, and absolutely tasty.



Impersonation Crab Meat-8 ounces

Mollified Cream Cheese-8 ounces

Sugar-1 tablespoon

Garlic Powder – 1/2 tsp

Worcestershire sauce-1 tsp

Green Onion-3 tablespoons

additional virgin olive oil-2 tablespoons

All Natural Egg Roll Wraps-1 bundle


Preheat stove to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Line a huge preparing sheet with material paper.

In a nourishment processor, beat crab meat until fine.

Add it to a huge bowl, and consolidate it with the mollified cream cheddar, sugar, green onion, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce.

When everything is blended altogether; put in a safe spot

Saturate a kitchen towel with warm water and ring it out. You will utilize this to keep your egg move wraps wet, and to keep them from drying out. You will likewise need a little dish of water to dunk your fingers in to close the rangoon edges.

Get ready 1 wonton paper at once with the rangoon filling. Fold up sides to make a little envelope shape. You could likewise make football style shapes, yet the little envelope style is speedier; rehash.

When all your crab rangoons are gathered, delicately brush them with oil and spot them in the stove for 20 minutes, or until edges are brilliant darker.

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