Best Ideas for Cute Bumblebee Crafts.

Now that spring has started to, well… spring, our kids are getting excited about all kinds of warm weather activities, plants, and creatures. There are a couple things, however, that they’re a little wary about, since they’re not the biggest fan of bugs. That’s why we’ve been trying to use crafting and DIY projects as a way to teach them new things and help give them a different mindset about what they’re afraid of. That’s why we’ve been making so many bumblebee themed crafts lately! Don’t get us wrong, we’ve definitely warned our kids about the dangers of bee stings and taught them how to handle a bee when one flies near them, but we also want to make sure that they’re not so afraid of bees that they run away screaming and crying every time they have to encounter one, or they’ll end up being to scared to play in the backyard.

Folded wings baby bumblebee

Are your kids very little so you’re looking for something extremely simple but you’d also prefer that it has more than one crafting technique involved, as opposed to just being a cut and paste craft for example? Then we’d suggest giving these adorable little baby bumblebees from No Time for Flashcards a try! Your kids will get to cut, paste, colour, and fold their way to an adorable finished product.

Toilet paper roll bumblebee

If you’re anything like us, you’re a big fan of kids’ crafts that can be made with recycled materials or things you already have at home? Then we have a feeling you’re no stranger to the very refined art of making things with toilet paper rolls! Of course, because you can transform a toilet paper roll into anything under the sun, we knew there just had to be a tutorial out there that would show us how to make it happen with bumblebees. We have Katie’s Craft Central to thank for coming through on that idea!

Bumblebee Valentine with hearts

Valentine’s day might be long past by now but if you ask us, Valentine themed crafts are still a lot of fun to make with little kids all year round. As cheesy as it sounds, we never need an excuse to show our kids that we love them! That’s why we loved the idea of combining our bumblebee idea with a few cute love hearts. Crafty Morning guides you through the process of making adorable little bees from paper using heart shapes to make the wings.

Beehive craft with Honeycomb cereal

Usually you’ll find us teaching our kids not to play with their food but when it comes to crafting, sometimes we make exceptions. After all, getting the chance to use something called Honey Combs in a painting of a honey bee’s hive is almost too good an opportunity to pass up no matter how old you are. That’s why we liked this idea from Teaching Heart so much! You could paint it or colour it; whatever your kids prefer. You could even draw your own rather than getting a print out!

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