Amazing Ideas To Cute Sun Themed Crafts.

When your kids aren’t inside crafting, can they absolutely be found outside soaking up the summer sun (wearing SPF sun screen, of course)? Our little ones are outdoorsy like that too, to the point that, whenever they’re stuck in side on a rainy day, they even try to find different ways to pretend they’re out in the sun. That’s how we found ourselves looking up cute, kid-friendly sun themed crafts so we can always be prepared with a list of ideas!

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making cute little sun themed crafts with your kids as we are, if not more, here are of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

Paper plate and hand print sun

Paper plate crafts are a total classic, so we always make sure to bookmark them whenever we find a tutorial that we haven’t followed before. We love the way this idea from About Family Crafts suggests not just painting your plate yellow and giving it a happy face but also tracing your kids’ hand prints and gluing them all along the outside edges of the plates like rays.

Folded loops and tissue paper sun mobile

It’s not just paper plates that make for awesome kids crafts, of course! There are all kinds of paper that are great for crafting with, even for very young kids who need simple shapes and techniques. This fun tutorial from One Charming Party is a great example of what we mean. They suggest looping strips of paper to make the sun’s rays and also scrunching tissue paper to give your little hanging sun mobile a visually textured centre, just like the real thing!

Fine motor skills sun craft

In our house, some of the best crafts that are the most popular and therefore keep our kids busy the longest are the kind that develop hand eye coordination and require a bit of simple concentration but not so much they they lose their fun. This cute embellished sun craft outlined in nice, clear steps on Buggy and Buddy is the perfect example of what we mean! Between knotting the yard, stringing on the pieces of straw, and gluing the rhinestones, there are a lot of fun, simple elements to work with.

Squish paint sun art

If you and your kids have never tried doing squish paint art together then we’re very sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something really fun! We’d suggest fixing that by giving this awesome squish paint sun idea featured step by step on Mrs. Karen’s Class a try. They teach you the whole technique, from the prep to actually moving the paint around your paper in a bag.

Crayon sun shaped sun catcher

Sun catchers made with melted and blended wax are another awesome, classic craft that we don’t feel anyone should miss out on. They’re also a lot easier to make than people often think! Just in case you’ve never tried them before, here’s a cute sun shaped version outlined step by step on Morning Sun Rae.

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